The CSH2 series static converters are designed to convert the applied DC voltage into AC voltage to be used for supplying different types of users. Fully protected against overloads and short-circuits at the output, the device adopts a microprocessor-based management system that uses high-frequency technologies for energy conversion. This device provides total control of the operation and available signals. Furthermore, a Soft-start circuit protects the apparatus from any form of electrical and electronic stress during the ignition phase and allows it to be enabled even with the rated load connected. These devices can be equipped with an electromechanical “BY-PASS” device according to requirements.

The sinusoidal DC/AC current converter of the SET series has been designed with particular simplicity of construction, high reliability and maximum safety. Managed by a powerful microprocessor that controls its operation and signaling, the SET inverter is able to generate a sinusoidal alternating voltage, starting from a continuous voltage. The inverter is suitable for powering sale rooms, data switches, networks and other telecommunications equipment.


  • BY-PASS: the presence of the by-pass allows the use of the inverter as an off-line UPS,
  • DC Priority function: this function allows you to choose the main source for powering loads, or the use with the network or battery, which can be activated via the display.