The PC4 family is the latest evolution of personal continuity devices. Based on Off-line technology with automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR), they have been designed to offer high performance in terms of functionality and reliability, through the use of a microprocessor that manages all the control and communication functions with the computer.

They are protected against overload, short circuit and incorrect input connection; events that are promptly reported by an alarm and, as the case may be, cause the UPS to switch off.

At power on, an automatic test is performed on the entire system, including batteries, thus ensuring perfect functionality in the event of a blackout. These tests can also be performed manually by the operator. In case of battery operation (blackout), both the power failure status and the “reserve” status of the battery are signaled by an optical and acoustic alarm. To avoid the complete discharge of the latter, the system switches off automatically.

A software is available to interface the UPS with the PC for monitoring via USB.