The NET2 family is the most compact UPS solution with Interactive technology and pure sinusoidal output.

Two versions are available, tower and rack / convertible, the first with powers of 1, 1.5 and 2kVA the second of 1, 1.5, 2, 3kVA.

These are extremely versatile products and designed in the smallest detail to make each operation simple; the replacement of the battery pack can also be easily performed by the user with only the help of a screwdriver. The stability of the voltage is guaranteed, in the presence of the mains, by a Buck-Boost voltage stabilizer (AVR) and, when it starts operating, the inverter supplies a purely sinusoidal output.

The AVR Buck-Boost system allows you to correct a wide range of sub- and over-supply without causing the inverter to intervene; this means that the heart of the system is preserved, to the benefit of reliability and battery life. A microprocessor controls all the functions of the system and manages communications with any external devices / systems (computers, LANs, remote control systems etc.), also through optional additional dedicated cards.

The units are equipped with an easy to read LCD display through which the system shows its status (synoptic panel) and the main instantaneous operating parameters. The supplied software allows you to check the operating status, program system tests and turn off loads in the event of a blackout. The connection can be executed in an extremely simple way, via RS232 or USB.