The project that MEDEL will carry out in this sector consists essentially of two parts.

1a) Design, testing and industrial production (made in Italy) of systems and equipment for various world producers.

1b) OEM agreements with leading global manufacturers for the development of some equipment with innovative technical features to be put on the global market directly by MEDEL supporting an international network of Dealers with high technical skills for after-sales assistance.

2a) Research, selection and implementation of the technical characteristics for diagnostic imaging equipment (RX), as well as CE certifications and approvals to the main international medical standards, marketing and after-sales technical assistance.

2b) Through a careful and balanced selection of qualified suppliers with whom to stipulate OEM production agreements, MEDEL will produce sub-assemblies at 80%, completing the construction up to 100% and then selling the final equipment to the global market.

MEDEL intends to produce equipment, in its industrial plant (Pomezia), with original technical characteristics, and favor the growth of a radiology center in Lazio, rebalancing the situation with Northern Italy where the current national radiology producers are present.