MEDEL is, from 40 years, Leader in Italy in the design and supply of “customized solutions for electricity”. Active since 1980 in the power and infrastructure sector, with a manufacturing industrial plant located in the industrial area of Pomezia (RM).

MEDEL systems and devices are able to overcome the limits of standard products and stand out for their ability to operate continuously even in critical working and / or environmental conditions.

The MEDEL customers are: the Armed Forces (EI, MM, AM, CC.), The main Italian and foreign technological players, OTE-Marconi, Leonardo Group (Telespazio, Vitrociset, Larimart ecc), Thales, DRS Tecnologies, Wind, Tim, Italtel , Alcatel, Philips, ENAV, Italian Railways, Sirian Railways, Co.tra.l.-MeTro central and territorial public administrations, hospitals, medical clinics and large polyclinics.

MEDEL’s products ranges from classic AC devices (UPS, Rescuers, Voltage Stabilizers, Frequency Converters), to AC / DC and DC / AC converters (SCR and Switching power stations, power supplies, battery chargers, etc.)

We are also qualified supplier to ACEA, ENEL, LEONARDO and RFI.