After challenging years in which we supported expectations and projects in progress, we decided to resume for MEDEL a path of growth in the medium and long term that we had left on hold.

We have identified in the Security & Defense area, and in particular in the Naval Electronic Defense sector, as well as in the medical sector, potential reference innovations with interesting possibilities for growth.

Currently, MEDEL is developing new commercial strategies in the Security & Defense sector, being able to count on potential customers represented by Marine Navies of various countries, and a global market, proposing innovative systems derived from specific experiences in the sector, and in the design and use of advanced components present on the market today.

The main subject of all this is the Technological Translation:

MEDEL, thanks to its industrial experience and high technical skills, in the field of advanced technologies, its own internal staff and consultants linked to it, offers in the field of naval military systems a new idea of revaluation of obsolescence with the ” Technological Translation “.


The concept of “technological translation” consists in the redesign of obsolete electronics using advanced components and easily available on the market using  existing structural parts such as, for example, antennas, cabinets, rooms, stands, etc.

The basin of interest consists of Naval Military Electronic Systems, 90% of them have strong limitations for obsolescence and is now unusable operationally, with a residual life time of the naval hulls and annexed engines, estimated in 15-20 years.

The possible alternatives consist in the acquisition of new electronic systems, which would also revolutionize the ship structure, or in the acquisition of the entire new naval unit; in both cases at decidedly high costs.


The Technological Translation is the third way between the “Great Maintenance” and the “All New”, allows you to project the operational efficiency of the complex systems of 15-20 years with latest generation technologies, and can improve, where is it possible, the operational performance of the systems, perfecting the logistic approach and the MTBF.

It allows you to have significantly lower ship stops compared to a restructuring with new systems and to re-use the premises, cabinets, racks and bases of existing systems, thus avoiding to regain qualification certifications

The third way leads to lower costs compared to new systems of about 50% with a market area based on naval units of 20-30 years of life.


The MEDEL team is made up of resources with years of experience in the field of Naval Defense Systems, with:

  • Capacity of integration of Combat Systems (SdC) accrued on various projects developed for Naval and Terrestrial Units from the 70s to today, both for Navy and for the Italian Air Force as well as for various foreign countries.
  • Direct skills gained during the development of complex systems projects integrated from the 70s to today, thanks to these prerogatives that are outlined by the analysis of customer needs, the application of the latest technologies, from the design in-house to the production and to post-sales logistics through joint ventures with local companies, complex integrated systems that would otherwise have been condemned to be divested are revitalized.
  • Full competence in drafting program / project documentation, in line with military standard regulations.